The Green Comet

This wandering ball of ice, rocks, and gas has not been seen for 50,000 years since the time of the Neanderthals. Now it is finally making an epic journey through the center of our solar system.

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New Discovery: M31 and the [Oiii] Arc

Strottner-Drechsler-Sainty-1: A never before captured extensive oxygen emission right next to the andromeda galaxy.

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The All Sky Oiii Survey

I am embarking on a project of massive size, and great importance. An all sky image of the night sky in the Oiii wavelength. This has never been attempted before, and has the potential to create a huge amount of discoveries, changing the night sky as we know it.

Using two telescopes on opposite sides of the Earth, I plan to create a map of the whole sky in Oiii over the next 4-5 years. Starting with the Southern Hemisphere.

If you want to help contribute to my effort, I have started a gofundme here