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The Advanced Image Processing Guide


This advanced image processing guide is a large set of video tutorials, and data, intended to show you my complete workflows and thought processes behind producing astronomical images. As a practical astrophotographer, I am not concerned with sticking to any one program in my approach to producing images. I utilize the most relevant components of any program to achieve the intended final result. 

Simply put, this tutorial will provide you with data and processing information that does not exist anywhere else. I have acquired this information painstakingly over the last ten years of my astrophotography journey, and have finely optimized it to quickly produce high-quality images. 

Astrophotography is meant to evoke emotion about the magnificence of the night sky, and so a large part of my focus is the creative aspect of image processing. 


Current Lessons

Note, this course is still growing! As I capture new images, or as new techniques and tools come up, I will add new case studies and lessons to the tutorial.

Lesson Length
Basic Photoshop Intro 24:55
Basic Pixinsight Intro 31:03
Basic APP Intro 7:32
Star Reduction 8:20
Dark Dust Enhancement 15:06
Continuum Removal  31:05
New Discovery - Case Study 54:32
Narrowband RGB Combination + Animation 60:01
Multiscale Gradient Removal 34:53
Low Signal Image Processing 37:59
Nonlinear Focal Length Blend  23:14
Long Focal Length PN - Case Study 46:18
SHO Workflow - Case Study 50:00
5 discoveries 1 photo NBRGB - Case Study (NEW) 60:00
Horsehead Ha removal, directional filters, lens flares - Case Study (NEW) 45:00
Ara SNR: SHO+RGB 50:00
Ha-RGB with a DSLR 01:25:00


Total Length  +10hrs




Future Lessons and Payment Structure

I will be continuing to add lessons to this guide until I feel it has reached a totally comprehensive level. Currently, this is set to be a 'one-purchase-lifetime-license'. This means you will get all future videos free forever. I will probably change this in the near future to include a subscription fee as the value of the guide grows. 


How do I access the course after purchase?

Check your email, the receipt email will contain a link to access the course. If you don't already have an account on my website, you need to make one with the same email you used to purchase the course.

What permissions do I have on the image data use?

For the raw data in this course, you may share finished images to social media but only if you give capture credit to me (and ideally mention the course). This data came at great personal expense to me, and I am sharing it to help you learn processing.

By purchasing this course you also acknowledge that you cannot share the data or videos within. You may not resell any data in the course. You may not sell images you produce from the data in this course for print or commercial use anywhere.