Hello my name is Bray!
I grew up in Cave Creek, Arizona. Its a terribly hot place on the north end of the Phoenix valley, but it is clear all the time, which gave me a pretty great advantage when I started to learn astronomy.
I bought my first telescope when I was 14, an orion starblast 4.5inch. I was immediately trying to capture images with it to share with my friends and family, since it is hard to share a view through an eyepiece. I quickly realized I would need a lot more gear to take the pictures I wanted, and even more money. So I started working, and everything I made I poured into astrophotography.
After I was done with highschool, I went to Arizona State University and got my BSE in Aerospace Engineering Astronautics. I now work at Honeywell Aerospace as an engine controls engineer. 
My current astrophotography goals are building a remote observatory, and completing my code for the processing of TSE images.
My hobbies outside of astrophotography are hiking, gardening, homebrewing, guitar, and software development.