Astrophotography Mosaic Guide

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This astrophotography course is a comprehensive guide on planning, capturing, preprocessing, and cosmetically correcting mosaic astrophotography images.

Mosaic astrophotography is the most complex type of deep sky astrophotography, and there is no plug-and-play easy solution for processing your images.

Over the last two years, I have developed my own deep sky mosaic workflow with a focus on minimal gradients, and maximum automation. By combining Pixinsight and AstroPixelProcessor, I have created an approach that is very simple and produces great results.

This processing guide comes with two raw data sets, the "Waves of Cygnus" and the "Cepheus to Cassiopeia" mosaics. These are two incredibly unique and high-quality data sets that will help you learn the ropes of big mosaic processing. 

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