Personalized Processing Guide

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If you are interested in learning how to get the best out of your images, this is for you! For this image processing guide, I will take your data to create a personalized processing guide, showing my specific steps and thoughts along the way. 

You will get a video file of the processing guide, along with the full-resolution finished files. 

What I will need from you:

  • integrated master files
  • or, raw files and full calibration set

It is important to have a full calibration set, to get the most out of your data. I can polish a turd really well, but that is not a good use of time. You can deliver these files with any file share program of your choice (I use dropbox mostly). 

What programs I use:

  • Pixinsight
  • astropixelprocessor
  • photoshop
  • russel croman programs

I am not a fundamentalist of any particular software program. I use each particular program to its strengths to have maximum efficiency towards a final result. So in a tutorial, you will see me migrate between programs as required. 

Given the unique and peculiar datasets that I often edit, my specialty is in revealing faint dust and details.