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Wallpaper of the orion image! After purchase this shows up in your email.

"Orion" is an image spanning the length of the Orion Constellation, the most notable of the winter sky. This image was captured over the course of three nights in January 2022, two in Capitol Reef National Park and one in Salt Lake City. There are many prominent nebulae in this image, including the Orion Nebula, the Witch Head Nebula, the Horsehead Nebula, the Flame Nebula, m78, Barnard's Loop, the Meissa Nebula, and the Boogeyman Nebula. 

This image is a three-panel mosaic shot with two astro-modified DSLRs simultaneously, each using a rokinon 135mm lens. The exposure time comprises around 2900 thirty-second exposures in visible+ha, and 300 sixty-second exposures in ha 7nm. This puts the total exposure time at 29 hours. Due to the immense amount of data, it took three days to preprocess and stitch this mosaic together. This took about a terabyte of drive space to do! The result is a very high-quality 50 megapixel mosaic of the region.

My goal with this image was to showcase the bright red hydrogen-alpha in Barnard's Loop, and the Meissa Nebula. Both features are very large in the night sky and difficult to capture without doing a mosaic.

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