Gigapixel Andromeda Galaxy - Limited Edition

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The largest image ever captured of the whole Andromeda Galaxy, at 1.03 Gigapixels in size. This image took over two years to produce, 159 hours of exposure time, with 25 separate image panels and three filters to compose the full colors. 

This image is by far my deepest integration time, and by far the largest image ever captured of the complete galaxy at 1,033,218,000 total pixels. Over 1 billion pixels with a raw file size of 6 Gigabytes.

What is so special about this image being the largest ever captured? Simply put, it is an absolutely enormous technical challenge. Many people have captured similarly detailed images of only sections of the galaxy, but capturing a mosaic-style image in full color across the whole galaxy is incredibly difficult. Many people attempt to capture similar images but fail due to the challenge. You have to capture the image in a very specific way, you need very consistent clear weather, you need a computer that can handle the data, and you need dark skies. All of these are huge problems by themselves. 

These prints do ship worldwide.

This print is a limited edition due to its special nature. It is printed on Fuji Matte finish paper with excellent colors and details. If you are interested in a significantly larger size than what is listed here, please check this page.