Cygnus Mosaic

Please enable full screen by clicking the button on the top right to really appreciate the image size.

This Cygnus mosaic was the first ambitious project I attempted with my mosaic observatory. It is a 36 panel image, the largest I have captured to date. I had a lot of kinks to iron out in my processing workflow to be able to handle such a large image. One of the greatest being that my computer is actually incapable of editing it at its full size due to lack of memory. If I had enough space the full size image would be 2 gigapixels! 


This image took about 45 hours worth of exposures, with 5*300s images per narrowband filter per panel. A surprisingly short amount for an image of this size, but that is why I got a fast telescope! 



I hope you enjoy this image. Prints of it are available in the print section of this site.