NGC6543: Cat's Eye Nebula

Here is my latest capture the Cat's Eye Nebula, SHO+RGB image from Sierra remote with the 16 RCOS! Was really surprised to see so much detail in the inner oxygen shell of the nebula. Editing was of course a challenge because of the drastic dynamic range. The core of the nebula I made SHO, the outer shell HOO, and the background and stars are RGB. Data for this image is available through the SRO VAP (

The Cat's Eye Nebula is a well studied planetary nebula 3,000 light years away in the constellation Draco.

Exposure Details:
75*600s Ha
75*600s Oiii
50*600s Sii
5*600s R
5*600s G
5*600s B
32*60s Oiii
36.2hrs total exposure