Come and learn astrophotography with me first-hand! 

Ever wanted to see and capture the milky way, galaxies, and nebula in great detail? Are you interested in astrophotography but aren't sure how to get started? Well, this is a great opportunity to join some experienced astrophotographers and learn how to take pictures of space! 

"Bray's astro-workshop was not only incredibly informative and educational, but also a lot of fun! He spent the time to explain advanced concepts in an understandable way and he even let me hook my camera up to his amazing telescope! I was able to accomplish a life dream of capturing some deep space objects thanks to him. Forever grateful and would highly recommend his workshops!"

- Justin Byars (@obsdyn)

"I highly recommend the weekend workshop to photographers of all levels. They know how to teach from beginners to advance. The group was small so everyone got plenty of instructors' time. They are very nice to lend the students their equipment if required. I learned in 2 days what an online class would take more than a year, seriously!"

- Guillermo Keller (@keller_guillermo)

What does a workshop include?

  • One night, or two nights and one day of shooting under dark skies
  • Hands-on instruction on how to shoot astrophotos (tracker use, polar alignment, exposure, taking calibration frames, autoguiding, etc.)
  • Processing tutorial videos using data acquired from the workshop
  • Post-workshop support on image processing
  • Depending on # of people and the object of the workshop, some time on my personal telescope
  • Extra sky trackers for those who don't own them

     What do you need to bring?

    • Your camera, tripod, ball head, and lenses if you own them
    • Any astrophotography gear you have (sky tracker, etc)
    • Headlamp 
    • Warm clothing depending on the time of year
    • Transportation to imaging site
    • Tent or car to sleep in
    • Snacks and water (I always have extra)

    When you purchase, include your phone number or email and you will be updated with an itinerary, and workshop location!